Green Trees Early Learning Center, Inc.
Green Trees Early Learning Center, Inc.

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Parent Testimonials

When my child started at Green Trees, I knew it was going to be rough. He is my "wild child" and full of so much energy and opinion. Going in he was following in footsteps of two older siblings, one of whom had recently attended both years prior to him beginning. The teacher's feedback and communication with me as the parent was everything. His teacher was a game-changer. He now loves school, he is the biggest helper, and most importantly is comfortable with her and truly respects her. She helped him blossom into the person that he is. Being that he is one of the older kids, I love how she allows him to do the same activity, but more independently, like writing the words he sees on his own, and not tracing. I feel like I could go on forever talking about my appreciation for her. Her attentiveness to each kid in the class is amazing.

- Parent of a Pre-Kindergarten Child

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you and my daughter's teachers for helping us with the transition to daycare, I was a little skeptical about how it would go but her teachers (as well as the many other teachers/staff that I unfortunately do not know the names of) have been wonderful and patient. I can tell she is really bonding with them and I appreciate the time they take to give me little updates on her day. Please let them know how thankful I am for them!

-Parent of a Young Toddler Child

I just wanted you guys aware of how awesome you guys are doing this time of year especially during the covid-19 craziness! I specifically wanted to mention how amazing my child's teacher is. I honestly put a lot of faith in her and she literally is such a great asset to your team! Dropping my child off and the smile she has when he gets there says it all as a new momma! (And he smiles just as big!) Keep up the good work and thanks again! Enjoy your holiday season!!!

- Parent of an Infant Child